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Now more than ever, it is essential that each class has a student rep linked in with our student and new graduate officer. Student reps should be nominated for each year, discipline and placement area if you are spread across multiple sites

It is worth noting that INMO student reps are distinct from student union reps as the INMO is the professional body representing nurses and midwives dealing with matters relating to the workplace, rather than matters relating directly to your Higher Education Instituion (HEI).

Being a rep does not mean taking on a lot of extra of work and solving your class's problems by yourself. A rep is someone who advises the student and new graduate officer of the collective issues of their group so they can be addressed or brought to the attention of senior management.

It is  important that your voice is represented at national negotiations. If you are interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to contact the INMO student officer.

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