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Accessing the online library:

The library’s collections are available online for INMO members. We offer a range of resources, including databases, journals and learning tools covering nursing, midwifery and healthcare. 

How do I access the Online Library?

Access to library resources is through OpenAthens.

If you have not registered, please get in touch with the library directly:  Email: or call 016640625 or 01 6640614.

If you have already registered, you can select the relevant links to databases and journals under library resources.

Library Databases:

Other useful resources:

Learning Tool

  • RCM iLearn – if you are a registered midwife and want access to this key learning tool, please contact the library staff directly.

Library Services

Information is vital, and easy access to the information available in your clinical area of expertise will help you make better evidence-based decisions and enhance the standards and quality of nursing and midwifery care. The library has a range of services to support you:

  • Literature searching: The library offers a range of literature searching services, from short searches to more extensive systematic review searches. These services are available to members for a small fee. They can be useful if you are having difficulty finding relevant articles, as a backup search to supplement your own or if you do not have enough time to complete your search. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.
  • Accredited library course: This online course is designed for nurses and midwives who want to improve their information seeking skills for clinical practice, reflection, or policy development. It is accredited and offers valuable lifelong skills. The course is also beneficial for those enrolled in academic programmes. Upcoming course dates can be found on the INMO Professional website.
  • One-to-one database training: The library staff can provide training on specific nursing and midwifery databases in person or virtually. Please get in touch with the library to book your appointment.
  • Reference desk queries: Are you looking for an incomplete reference for a bibliography or finding it difficult to locate an article? The library’s reference desk service will be able to assist in solving those tricky questions.
  • Full text article retrieval: If you care finding it difficult to locate specific articles, the library has access to a broad range of journals from libraries in Ireland and the UK and can assist with sourcing these articles.
  • Assistance with referencing: If you require assistance with referencing or using reference management systems, the library can provide advice and education on how to make.
  • Reading area with internet access: The library has a small reading room with access to a computer/WIFI and a quiet space to concentrate. Please contact the library staff to book a time slot.

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