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Your Union

The INMO is your best resource as a nurse or midwife in Ireland. With over 100 years of experience, the INMO is the only union in Ireland dedicated to representing nurses and midwives. Representing over 43,000 members, we are the best professional and trade union organisation for nurses and midwives, providing specialist education and training services, expert advice, member benefits and a range of legal and industrial relations supports.

a group of nurses holding signs saying 'Dispute On Here'

The Union for Nurses and Midwives by Nurses and Midwives

The INMO is there for you from the beginning of your career in the Irish health service until the end. 

  • Over 20 industrial officials representing members in each part of the country 
  • A dedicated Information Office who are on hand to provide expert advice
  • An in-house education team that provide NMBI-approved education and training courses
  • A magazine delivered directly to members with clinically relevant content
  • Membership benefits that include exclusive discounts, financial advice and mental health support
  • Workplace and legal representation