Membership benefits

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Protections, discounts, services and special offers

INMO members benefit from a range of bespoke discounts, offers and supports designed specifically to meet the needs of nurses and midwives.

In addition to the specialist support and services of union membership, the INMO offers members access to special offers to help make your working life easier.

Member Benefits

INMO members have exclusive access to a range of professional services and supports. In addition to workplace protections, the INMO offers a range of retail discounts for members as well as bespoke financial services that are tailored to our members by our partners at Cornmarket.

Key benefits of membership

  • INMO members have access to experts in industrial relations and the professions of nursing and midwifery, providing specialist support and advice to members in their workplaces
  • INMO members benefit from expert representation and advice in issues affecting their registration or fitness to practise
  • INMO members are entitled to discounts on a range of services through the INMO Perks programme
  • Members benefit from discounted financial services in cluding insurance and financial planning
  • The INMO offers members access to a range of helplines designed to assist members in time of difficulty
  • INMO members benefit from advice on insurance and on their registration

Last updated: 16 May 2023 3:46 pm

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