Internationally Educated Nurses and Midwives

International nurses and midwives

The INMO plays a crucial role in supporting internationally educated nurses and midwives who are currently working in Ireland or who are seeking to work in Ireland. We provide a range of services to ensure our international nurses and midwives are equipped to transition smoothly into the Irish healthcare system.  

Rights and welfare of international nurses and midwives

The INMO is a dedicated champion for the rights of international nursing and midwifery professionals. The organisation tirelessly advocates for fair treatment, equal opportunities, and non-discriminatory practices within the professions. The INMO works to ensure that international nursing professionals are recognised for their skills, expertise, and dedication, and are provided with a supportive and inclusive work environment. Through advocacy and support, the INMO aims to create a level playing field for international nursing  and midwifery professionals, ensuring their rights are upheld and their contributions are valued within the healthcare system. 

The INMO offers advice, guidance, and support for professional registration, visa applications, and employment opportunities. We also provide access to professional development programmes and continuing education opportunities to help nurses and midwives enhance their skills and knowledge. Additionally, the INMO advocates for the rights and welfare of internationally educated nurses and midwives, ensuring they receive fair treatment, equal opportunities, and a supportive work environment. 

Fitness to practise 

The INMO represents international nurses who may be subject to Fitness to Practise proceedings by providing them with legal support, advice, and representation. We ensure that these nurses' and midwives’ rights are protected and that they are treated fairly throughout the process. We aim to achieve this by advocating for their best interests and ensuring a fair and just outcome.  

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