National children's nurses section

Who is this section for?

This section is open to all members working in the care of sick children from birth to age 17.  For information on this section or to join the National Children's Nurses Section, contact the INMO Section Development Officer

Aims and objectives

  • Promote the participation of all nursing members working with children in this section. 
  • Provide a forum for networking and the sharing of information and knowledge between nurses caring for children in all care settings across the Republic of Ireland. 
  • Hold section meetings four times a year including the Annual General Meeting (AGM). 
  • Develop meaningful partnerships and collaborative relationships with all sectors. 
  • Promote quality evidence-based best practice and safe standards of nursing care for children. 
  • Contribute to the development of children’s nurse’s career pathways and the promotion of continuous professional education, thereby enhancing the continuum of children’s nursing care. 
  • Submit articles related to children’s nursing to the World of Irish Nursing. 
  • Promote research and audit in children’s nursing. 

Mission statement

The mission of this section is to promote the discipline of children’s nursing in all settings and the mutual support of all nurses caring for children and young people; to highlight and foster an awareness of the unique needs of children throughout the nursing profession and be the child’s advocate and champion; and to promote a commitment to family-centered care and aspire to a holistic, integrated, and seamless delivery of healthcare with the child at the centre. 

Our commitment to progressing matters of importance for children’s nurses ensures the provision of the best quality care for children. The section will assist the organisation in promoting and protecting the welfare of the members in all matters related to employment, pay, and working conditions. 

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Contact INMO

Jean Carroll

Section Development Officer

INMO HQ Dublin

Office Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday

9.00 am - 5.00 pm


8.30 am - 4.30 pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday