All-Ireland Midwifery Conference - call for posters

The All Ireland Annual Midwifery Conference is taking place on 21st November 2024 at the Fairways Hotel, Dundalk, and we are currently seeking poster submissions.

  • This year's conference theme is Sustainability: Midwifery birth and beyond
  • Posters addressing the conference theme, may be submitted by individual midwives, groups of midwives, midwifery students or service users.
  • The title and overview of poster presentation – 50 to 100 words – to be submitted by email to Niamh Adams by Friday, 4 October 2024. 

Who is this Section for?

This Section is open to all members who are working as midwives in hospital or community settings.  

Aims & Objectives

Midwives believe that, for most women and their families, childbearing is a normal life event. Therefore, maternity services should be women-centred, health orientated, and rooted in a social model of care. We believe that women should be active participants in decisions that affect the care they and their babies receive. We seek to support and work with women to achieve improvements in maternity services. 
We also believe that midwife-led care is the most appropriate form of maternity provision for most women, and we work towards the recognition of midwifery as an autonomous profession. 

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