Call for Abstracts - Inclusion Health section conference

The Inclusion Health Section (INMO) invite nurses and midwives as well as other relevant 
practitioners with interests in Inclusion Health, to join us for our  Inclusion Health: Everybody’s Business conference

To submit an abstract download the application form. 

Conference Date: 13th September, 10am - 4pm at INMO, Richmond Building, 1 Brunswick St N, Smithfield, Dublin 7. 

Abstract submissions and guidelines

Phone: 01 6640600


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Who is this section for?

This section is open to all nurses and midwives who are working directly or indirectly in the area of Inclusion Health, including those working in academia with a special interest in Inclusion Health.

Mission Statement

The INMO Inclusion Health Section is an active interest group of nursing and midwifery professionals (including nurse practitioners, educators, researchers) working in areas where health care disparities exist among socially excluded people, due to discrimination, lack of awareness, lack of information and education.

Examples of these practice areas include homeless health, migrant/refugee health, Traveller health, mental health, disability health, forensic and prisoner health, addiction health and sexual health. 

The aims of the INMO Inclusion Health section are to share and develop excellence in nursing and midwifery, to professionally challenge the causes of systemic health care disparities and negative health care outcomes, and to inform and work collectively towards finding solutions in keeping with ethical and professional nursing standards.

Aims and objectives

  • To represent the voice of Nurses and Midwives working in the area of Inclusion Health
  • To advocate for marginalised populations with the support of and alongside INMO officials
  • To increase awareness of the specialism of Inclusion Health and Inclusion Health nursing
  • To acknowledge the role of advocacy in nursing and health care service planning for marginalised and socially excluded people using evidence and in keeping with stated INMO Social Policy objectives.
  • Promote the specialism of Inclusion Health
  • Effect and promote positive change and culture in the area of Inclusion Health through the channels of the INMO and their annual ADC
  • To support the professional development of Nursing and Midwifery practitioners and specialists by facilitating seminars and conferences. 
  • Provide a platform and peer support for nurses and midwives working in Inclusion Health, to highlight and discuss issues relating to their professional roles and practices by arranging in person/online meetings on a regular basis. 
  • Promote Inclusion Health nursing and midwifery research
  • Utilise INMO resources such as the media department/library service and other professional services available to members. 
  • Establish and promote professional links with national and international stakeholders in the area of Inclusion Health nursing and midwifery to include nursing regulatory bodies, nurse employers and higher education institutes.

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