Directors of nursing, midwifery and public health nursing section

Who is this section for?

This section is open to all who are working as directors of nursing/midwifery both in public settings and private settings and directors of public health nursing working in the community.  

Aims and objectives

The section operates - 

  • To protect and promote the professional interests of the members 
  • To develop a systematic approach to promoting action on such issues as pay education/training and other aspects of the compensation package for directors of nursing 
  • To promote the views of members to relevant bodies 
  • To network and dialogue with each other to assure information, support and forward movement of directors of nursing and professional nursing in general 
  • To support the wider body of the INMO by offering our skills, knowledge and experiences 
  • To champion good management conditions to encourage the very best of our professions to aspire to senior positions 

Mission Statement

The section assists directors of nursing, midwifery and public health nursing collectively to protect and promote their unique professional interests and conditions of employment, thereby impacting positively on theour professions across hte breadth of the health service.

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Jean Carroll

Section Development Officer

INMO HQ Dublin

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