Who is this section for?

This section is open to all who are working in advanced practice including clinical nurse/midwife specialists, candidate advanced nurse/midwife practitioners, and registered advanced nurse/midwife practitioners.  

Aims and objectives

The advanced practice section of the INMO consists of registered advanced nurse/midwife practitioners/specialists from across the country who aim to drive positive change and improvements to their professional roles and working conditions. 

The objectives of the section are:

  • To promote the role and professional interests of the registered advanced nurse/midwife practitioner 
  • To promote the role and professional interests of the clinical nurse/midwife specialist 
  • To support the professional development of practitioners and specialists by facilitating seminars and conferences. 
  • Provide a platform for practitioners and specialists to highlight and discuss issues relating to their professional roles and practices by arranging in person/online meetings. 
  • Effect positive change by proposing motions at the INMO Annual Delegate Conference. 
  • Promote the importance of Irish nursing/midwifery research. 
  • Facilitate the publication of articles in the World of Irish Nursing Journal from practitioners/specialists. 
  • Utilise INMO resources such as the media department/library service and other professional services available to members. 
  • Establish links with other national and international professional bodies who represent practitioners and specialists. 
  • To promote the views of practitioners and specialists to relevant bodies, where appropriate, alongside INMO officials.
  • To support the wider sections of the INMO by offering the skills, knowledge and expertise of practitioners and specialists. 


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