PHN Course Funding

Public sector PHN course funding

  • The salary applicable to student PHNs is €37,939 as of 1 October 2023.

  • You do not have to resign from you post. If you hold a permanent post within the Health Service Executive, you will retain the permanent status of your substantive post while training as a Public Health Nurse. 

  • Students will be entitled to a total of twenty-four days annual leave during the calendar year starting on the first day the course commences. For example, if the course starts on 1 September, the annual leave year will run from 1 September to 31August. All annual leave must be taken on completion of the Public Health Nursing course and the salary applicable to such annual leave is that of student Public Health Nurse.

  • Sick leave entitlement will be in line with the HSE Sick Leave Policy and National Attendance Guidelines. Any clinical placement or academic time to be made up resulting from sick leave or any certified/approved absence will be a matter for decision by the college and the Local Health Office Area.

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