Other allowances

Special allowances for nurses and midwives


Public Health Nurse Island Inducement Allowance* €2,022
Public Health Nurse Fixed payment €32.22
Weekend work First call on Saturday and first call on Sunday €42.77
  Each subsequent call on Saturday and Sunday €21.42
  Payment in lieu of time off for emergency work €32.19
Theatre nurse/midwives who partiicpate in the on-call/ standby emergency services On-call with stand-by each day  
  Monday to Friday €48.48
  Saturday €62.27
  Sunday and public holidays €84.17

All of these figures based on a 12-hour period.  Pro rata to apply after hours. 

  Call-out rate Monday to Sunday  
  (a) Fee per operation per 2 hours (17.00-22.00 hours) €48.48

(b) (i) Operation lasting more than 2 hours and up  to 3 hours (17.00-22.00 hours)

  (ii) Operation lasting more than 4 hours and up  to 5 hours €121.18
  (c) Fee per operation per hour      (after 22.00 hours) €48.48
  On-call without standby  
  (i)  Fee per operation, call-in without standby €96.96

(ii) Overruns from roster at normal overtime rates (no time back in lieu)


On-Call over Weekend

In situations where no roster duty is available over the weekend, the following will apply on a pro-rata basis (i.e. appropriate rate divided by 12, then multiplied by number of hours available).  No time back in lieu will apply.


Nurse Co-Ordinator Allowance

A shift allowance of €20.71 will be paid to a staff nurse who undertakes the role of formalising the reporting and accountability relationship with the Theatre Superintendent.  The allowance only applies to a nurse who fulfils specified duties when called in (D.O.H.C. circular refers).

Specialist Co Ordinator Allowance


Caseload Allowance

RGNs in the community undertaking certain specified duties of the PHN



 *Review of Allowances   Following Review of Allowances conducted by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, the Government has decided to abolish certain allowances for new beneficiaries with effect from 1st February 2012.


How to work out hourly rate of pay for nurses/midwives.

Example: Senior Enhanced Salary Scale €55851.  Take €55851 divide by 52.18 and then by 37.5 equals hourly rate of pay €28.54. This formula applies for all grades.


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