Workplace Protections

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Support and protection in the workplace

  • Support with maintaining your registration and fitness to practice
  • Advice and support regarding issues in your workplace
  • Expert advice on your rights and entitlements at work

Support and protection in the workplace  

Being an INMO member is to be part of a professional organisation and trade union especially for nurses and midwives. We are an organising and campaigning union, established by nurses and midwives for nurses and midwives.  

 The INMO offers a comprehensive and confidential industrial relations service through highly qualified industrial relations officials.  These officials represent members on collective and individual issues in local workplaces, in both the public and private sector.   

The INMO’s regulatory services office is dedicated to assisting members with NMBI Fitness to Practise issues, should they arise. This office is staffed by officers with nursing training and legal expertise, who are uniquely positioned to prove the best possible representation and defence.   

When necessary, industrial relations officials also represent members to external third parties, such as rights commissioners, the Labour Relations Commission, Labour Court, and the Employment Appeals Tribunal.  

The INMO is a member of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU), which negotiates directly with government to improve pay, and the terms and conditions of nurses and midwives in Ireland.  



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