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INMO Storytelling Survey for nurses and midwives

The INMO's storytelling tool allows members to share a story that illustrates a challenge or reward in their working life. It's completely anonymous and takes about 15 minutes.

Sharing your story with the INMO - Frequently asked questions

  • The stories shared in our storytelling platform are completely anonymous, and will be used in the same way as our regular member surveys: to support our campaigns for better terms and conditions for our members and to help us understand what nurses and midwives need from their union.

  • It is not possible through the platform to view anyone else's story. Only the INMO can see each user's reponse. When we have collected a wide range of stories, we will analyse them to learn more about what our members are facing in thier workplaces. 

  • The Storytelling Tool takes you through a number of short sections. First you are asked to submit a brief story of just a few lines about something to do with your work day. Then you are prompted to reflect on how the story made you feel, whether it is typical or unusual, and what it means to you.

  • You can use the tool as many times as you like. As it's anonymous, we will not analyse how many times each user shared a story with us 

  • The INMO wants to hear the stories that illustrate something about your working life. Whether it's positive or negative, if it tells us something about nursing and midwifery in Ireland then we want to hear it.  

  • Completing the entire storytelling survey takes about 15 minutes. But some people have found they want to give it additional time and share more information or reflect more on what their story means. You can spend as long as you like inputting your information.

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    Please contact us if you have questions about sharing your story