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Q. Raising Concerns


Situations may arise where members feel that their right to disconnect is not being respected or that their workload is such that they are not able to disconnect at the end of their normal working day/shift. Examples of such situations might include:

  • Being contacted regularly outside of normal work hours;


  • Being expected to regularly work through meal breaks;


  • Feeling obligated to routinely work longer hours than those agreed in their terms and conditions of employment;


  • Inability to leave work on time due to excessive workload;


  • Being subjected to less favourable treatment for not being available outside of normal working hours.

If this arises, the member should raise the issue directly with their line manager in the first instance. In circumstances where the member feels that they cannot approach their line manager, they should contact another manager at a higher level or discuss the matter with their local HR/Employee Relations Department.

If the issue/complaint cannot be resolved informally, the member may invoke the formal stages of the Grievance Procedure. 



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