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INMO sets September deadline for government on pay
Press Release 28.8.18
Special Delegate Conference of nurses and midwives called for September 26th 
The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO) today set the government a deadline for a serious pay offer for nurses and midwives in the public health system.
In a statement released today (Tuesday), the INMO Executive Council have summoned a Special Delegate Conference for September 26th, where delegates from across the country will consider government pay proposals or discuss alternative actions if no pay offer is made.
The Executive Council expressed anger at the failure to address the recruitment and retention crisis facing nursing and midwifery in Ireland, noting that the HSE has failed to adequately staff the service, meet its own staffing targets, or even decide a staffing target for this year.
INMO General Secretary Phil Ní Sheaghdha said:
“Without the incredible work of nurses and midwives, the health service will slowly grind to a halt. Aside from a pay rise, the government have tried everything to stem the tide of nurses and midwives leaving, but it just hasn’t worked. It’s time to face facts and accept that a real pay rise is the only way to recruit and retain nurses and midwives.”
INMO President Martina Harkin-Kelly said:
“If the government doesn't make a serious offer, our delegates will face a stark choice. Either they stay with a public service agreement or consider alternatives to deliver fair pay and a safe health service.”
Notes to editors:
For further information contact: Michael Pidgeon, Media Relations Officer: 087 7987948
The full INMO Executive Council statement is as follows:
At a special meeting today, the INMO Executive Council today expressed its disappointment and frustration at the failure of the HSE and government to address both the crisis in recruitment and retention of nurses and midwives and the deteriorating quality of the public health service.
In particular, the Executive Council noted:
• that the HSE have failed to adequately staff emergency departments, despite agreeing with the INMO in 2016 to do so;
• that the HSE have failed to meet the targeted numbers of nurses and midwives funded for 2017 and are this year in breach of an agreement to provide an agreed target number for 2018;
• the delay in producing a Public Service Pay Commission report on the recruitment and retention crisis in our health service.
The Executive Council consider the difficulties of recruiting and retaining nurses and midwives to be unresolvable without addressing the pay and conditions of employment. 
Without nurses and midwives, bed capacity and adequate services in either hospitals or community hospitals will not be maintained. Every possible initiative except pay has been tried and has failed to either recruit the nurses and midwives we need, or to stem the outward flow from our public health service. 
The Executive Council’s view is that it is time for government to deal with nurses’ and midwives’ pay now, as patience is running out.
Council have set a deadline of September 26th for the government to produce proposals for consideration at a special delegate conference on that day.
If the government fail to put forward proposals, delegates will be left to consider alternative means to pursue their claims.
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