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Consultants Settlement Welcome Indication of Pay as a Remedy for Recruitment Issues
Press Release 15.06.18


The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO) welcomes the Consultant Settlement, reached today, as a clear demonstration that financial settlements are remedies for unjust cuts resulting in recruitment and retention difficulties. 
The INMO, in its engagement with the Public Service Pay Commission, has made comprehensive written and oral submissions emphasising the urgent need to correct nursing and midwifery pay in order to stem the difficulties in retention and recruitment within the professions.  The Public Service Pay Commission (PSPC) terms of reference require them to conduct a comprehensive examination and analysis, taking into account the full range of causal factors underlying difficulties in recruitment and retention in nursing and midwifery.  The Commission are also required to generate options for resolving the issues identified.
Speaking today, INMO General Secretary, Phil Ni Sheaghdha said:
“This mornings’ settlement with hospital consultants will undoubtedly and correctly improve the ability to recruit to this grade. This pro-active approach must now be taken in respect of the anomaly in the pay of nurses and midwives which is affecting the ability to recruit and retain to these professional grades. Nurses and Midwives are the lowest paid professional grade in the public service with a starting salary of €28,768.”
Ms. Ni Sheaghdha continued:
“This settlement sets the tone for the dialogue which is required as part of the Public Service Stability Agreement, which prioritised medical and nursing and midwifery grades for consideration. These discussions are required to take place within four weeks of the Public Service Pay Commission issuing its report, (due in July) and the INMO looks forward to the discussions being approached in an equally positive way by government in the context of today’s settlement.”


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