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Crisis beyond comparison as 714 on trolleys today.
Press Release 12.03.18

This Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO), recorded 714 patients on trolleys in acute hospitals today. University Hospital Limerick has the highest number of admitted patients with a total of 80  on trolleys at 8am this morning.
The INMO have repeatedly called for a two week period in March to be declared, and treated, as an emergency period in the Irish public health service, meaning that extraordinary measures should have been put in place to focus on recovering from the extreme weather event. In this crisis all measures to properly resource and staff the health service must be explored and the assistance of services in the private acute hospitals must also be sought. Ensuring prioritisation of emergency care will also require all non-urgent and routine cases to be cancelled during this period.
Speaking today, INMO General Secretary Phil Ni Sheaghdha, said: 
“We saw record trolley figures last week with a total of 3112 in just one week and today each daily total from that week has been surpassed by the extraordinary figure of 714 admitted  patients on trolleys today. This upsurge was predictable and the INMO warned against inaction or insufficient action in the wake of Storm Emma. It is unfortunate for both healthcare staff and patients that these warnings were not heeded and that emergency measures sought have not been put in place. The INMO are, yet again, calling for emergency status to be immediately declared and emergency response plans put into operation.”

A meeting of the ED Taskforce takes place today at 4pm and the INMO will raise this issue as a priority which cannot wait any longer to be addressed.  

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