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Members Update 4 - 02.06.17

Dear Member

I write to confirm that the talks, between government and all public service unions/organisations, on a possible new public service pay agreement, continued this week.

A brief summary of the week is as follows:

1.    Overall the talks have been very slow with no real progress, to report, on any individual issue;

2.    The past week has seen discussions on a number of non-pay issues, most of which were put forward by management, with no agreement on any issue, to date;

3.    The types of issues, put forward by management, included increased access to outsourcing of services, time and attendance arrangements, and rostering.

With regard to all of these issues the union side has put forward alternative text and all matters are still under discussion.

4.    As expected the process will now continue, into next week, when the issues of pay/pensions/recruitment and retention will come up for discussion.

Throughout all engagements, this week, as detailed on our website and social media platforms, the INMO has continued to seek all necessary initiatives to address the current crisis with regard to staffing and our claim for parity with other health professionals.

Overall the discussions continue to be very difficult with no certainty, at this time, that a final set of proposals, which would be put to every unions members, will emerge.

As stated previously if proposals do emerge they will be considered, in the first instance, by this organisation’s Executive Council and then put out to a nationwide ballot of members.

Further updates will issue, in the coming days, so please pay close attention to your emails, our website and and/or social media platforms.

Yours sincerely 

General Secretary 

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