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News Update 43 - Implementation of Haddington Road Agreement. 30.0713

News Update No. 43  - 30th July 2013

Dear Colleague,

I refer to previous news updates on the Haddington Road Agreement (HRA) and, in light of ongoing developments, would now like to bring the following to your attention:

1.    Undergraduate Nurses/Midwives - Rostered Clinical Placement - Salary

The INMO, as you will recall, recently raised, with public service management, the incorrect salary, being paid to undergraduate nurses/midwives on their rostered placement, arising from the management’s demand for an increase in hours from 37.5 to 39 hours per week.

Following further discussions, and correspondence, with the management side, they have confirmed that they will apply, from 1st July 2013, the relevant national minimum hourly training rates, for those over the age of 18 who are undergoing a course of study or training authorised by the employer, as follows:

  • first 12 weeks - €6.49 per hour;
  • second 12 weeks - €6.92 per hour; and
  • final 12 weeks - €7.79 per hour.

This increase will mean that each undergraduate will receive a little over €500 extra, over the period of the 36 week rostered placement, resulting in a pay rate of almost 53% of the starting point of the new entrant staff nurse/midwife scale.  (The Minister’s original circular stated that the salary would be 50% from this year).

The INMO remains dissatisfied, with this response from the management side, as we remain of the view that this is an incorrect interpretation, of the National Minimum Wage legislation.

In this regard we are arranging to have further direct discussions with the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform on this issue.

Further updates will issue, in due course, on this matter but, in the interim, the increase, of €500 over the 36 week period in the context of a 39 hour week, will apply.

2.    Twilight Payments

The payment of time plus one-sixth, between 8.00 p.m. and 12.00 midnight, for staff completing “day shifts”, has become an issue in some employments.  There is no basis for employers ceasing such payments.

The INMO has now formally written to the CEO of the Labour Relations Commission seeking an immediate meeting, at the highest level, on this matter with a view to having this matter resolved, and this payment restored, where applicable, immediately.  A further update, on this matter, will issue in due course.  

In the interim we continue in discussions, under the LRC, regarding the “Nursing/Medical Interface” as previously advised.  I would once again remind members there is no requirement for nurses/midwives to undertake additional tasks under the HRA.  Members will also be advised of all developments on this matter on an ongoing basis.

3.    Introduction of 39 Hour Week
Discussions are continuing, in workplaces across the country, with regard to agreeing revised rosters, requiring detailed engagement at local level, arising from the reintroduction, for this agreement, of a 39 hour working week for nursing/ midwifery staff.

As we have repeatedly advised any discussions, on this issue, should involve the INMO.  Members should not agree to any attempt, by management locally, to introduce any new roster arrangements which have not been the subject of full information and consultation with a view to reaching agreement.

4.    Remaining on Existing Hours

The Haddington Road Agreement explicitly provides for an individual in the health sector, to remain on their existing hours (subject to the appropriate pay adjustment), if they do not wish to increase their hours arising from the longer working week.

The INMO, together with other unions in the health sector, have repeatedly, and continuously, stated, directly to the HSE and other public sector management, that any attempt to time limit the right, to remain on existing hours, is completely contrary to the agreement.

In this regard members are reminded that they are entitled, if they so wish, to remain on their existing hours. Any attempt, locally, to require members to revert back to longer hours, as part of this agreement, should immediately be referred to the INMO.

5.    Senior Staff Nurse/Long Term Actors

The INMO wishes to acknowledge that a number of members, who believe they are eligible to benefit from the application of the senior staff nurse/long term actors elements, of the Haddington Road agreement, continue to come forward seeking their inclusion in the revised arrangements which will now apply from 1st July 2013.

At national level the INMO continues to seek the immediate implementation of these aspects of the agreement.  We note the speed with which management have sought implementation of other aspects of the agreement, from the 1st July operative date, and have asked for the same urgency to be given to these, more positive, elements of HRA.

I would further remind members who believe they may have eligibility, under either of these two issues, to immediately come forward, to local management and the INMO, to ensure that you are included in the revised arrangements which will apply in due course.


While we are now in the peak holiday/summer period the INMO remains very active in ensuring all rights and entitlements, under this difficult agreement, are honoured, respected and implemented by employers, locally, regionally and nationally.

If any member, or group of members, has any queries/issues arising from the agreement, they should immediately contact the INMO to have same clarified and/or addressed with their local management.

Thank you again for your attention to this latest update and please bring it to the attention of all members in your workplace.

With kind regards.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary

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