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News Update 39 - Public Service Pay - Haddington Road Agreement. 21.06.13
Friday, 21st June 2013
Dear Colleague
This is a further update to formally inform you that, following the nationwide ballot, INMO public service members have voted to accept the “Haddington Road” proposals leading to an extension of the Croke Park Agreement.
The outcome of the ballot showed 71% in favour of the agreement and 29% against. 
The INMO has informed the Labour Relations Commission, as required under the agreement, that our members have accepted the Haddington Road proposals and, therefore, we have a collective agreement with the government as the employer, and the recently passed legislation will therefore not apply to nurses and midwives.
1. Implementation
In the context of our acceptance of this agreement it is imperative that members note the following:
  1. The agreement explicitly provides for local consultation, with the INMO on behalf of its members, by local management before it seeks to change existing terms and conditions of employment arising from the agreement.
  2. Therefore any approach, by local management, to introduce changes, e.g. with regard to rosters or other terms and conditions of employment, under the agreement must immediately be referred to your local Industrial Relations Officer.
  3. No changes to existing rosters or terms of conditions of employment should be introduced, locally, without prior referral, to the INMO, and local discussions for the purpose of reaching agreement on same.
  4. It is imperative that members understand that, regardless of what may be said by local management, no unilateral changes can be introduced and the agreement explicitly provides for full discussions with the INMO and, indeed, other health sector unions that also accept the “Haddington Road” proposals.
2. Nursing/Medical Interface
I wish to confirm that discussions continue, involving the INMO, IMO, SIPTU Nursing and health sector management, with regard to identifying, and measuring, the savings arising from the transfer of four tasks from NCHDs to nurses/midwives.
Arising from the last meeting, with the LRC, on last Monday, 17th June 2013, further discussions are scheduled, in the coming week, involving managements in the three hospitals where pilot studies were undertaken in recent weeks i.e. Beaumont, the Mater and Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore.
The INMO will continue to pursue this issue with a view to ensuring all savings that arise are transferred to the nursing and midwifery area for the purposes of:
  • additional nursing and midwifery resource for affected wards/units; and/or
  • protection of existing premium arrangements i.e. twilight payments.
In this context it is imperative that members understand there is no agreement, arising within the Haddington Road proposals, that nurses and midwives are obliged to take on these four additional tasks.  The current exercise is to identify the savings, in NCHD overtime expenditure, which would arise, from the tasks being transferred to nurses/midwives.
Therefore, members must understand that any approach by management, which suggests there is an obligation to undertake these four tasks, must be referred, immediately, to the INMO through your local Industrial Relations Officer.
3. Summary
The Executive Council, and all of the officials in the INMO, are acutely aware that acceptance of these Haddington Road proposals arises, primarily, because members have made the informed choice that the alternative, of imposed cuts under legislation, would be worse.
It is readily understood that these proposals represent a third attack, on the pay and conditions of nurses and midwives as public servants, and this cannot go, without acknowledgement, by health sector employers and government.
The INMO is absolutely committed to ensure that all changes, required under the agreement, are introduced with due regard to local members needs and only following proper consultation, engagement and discussion.
In addition a further priority for the INMO, arising from our acceptance of this agreement, is that we will now work, with all other trade unions in the ICTU, to seek the repeal of this draconian legislation, recently passed by government, from the Statute Books.  The acceptance of the agreement means that there is no need for this legislation and the government must now show good faith and respect, towards its employees, by indicating that it will remove the legislation as quickly as possible.
Further updates will issue, with regard to implementation of this agreement, in the coming days and weeks and thank you for your attention to this note.
May I close by thanking all members, in these most difficult and unprecedented of times, for coming to the recent round of information meetings, noting the recommendation for acceptance by the Executive Council and participating in the ballot process.  
It is fully understood that all members remain deeply unhappy, about their working environment, and the INMO remains more committed than ever to protect our members, and your practice, in these most difficult of times.
Yours sincerely
General Secretary 
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