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Annual Delegate Conference 2018
Motions & Executive Council Elections 2018
Re: Annual Delegate Conference 2018 - Wednesday, 2nd, Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th May 2018 *   
The Clayton Hotel, Silver Springs, Cork, Co. Cork.
Dear Branch/Section Secretary,
The 99th Irish Nurses & Midwives Organisation Annual Delegate Conference will be held in The Clayton Hotel, Silver Springs, Cork. 
The Conference will open on the afternoon of Wednesday 2nd May, continuing Thursday and Friday, 3rd and 4th May 2018 *, and will conclude with the Gala Dinner on Friday night.  Delegates will then be able to return home on the Saturday morning.
Each Branch And Section Should, Therefore, Convene A General Meeting, Early In The New Year, To Consider The Following: 
1.1 In accordance with Rules 5.9, 5.11 and 12.3.2, motions for debate at Annual Conference must be submitted to the General Secretary, on the enclosed form, not later than 12 weeks prior to Conference i.e. Wednesday, 7th February 2018, at 5.00 pm.
1.2 A Branch may not submit more than two motions.  If more than two motions are received, the Standing Orders Committee will only consider the first two motions listed.
1.3 A Section may not submit more than one motion. 
1.4 Members are asked to note the formal proceedings of conference will, as in the past, begin with the consideration of the budget for 2018, in conjunction with Motion No. 1 – Organisational (regarding fees).  (See Section 3 - Budget 2019 – below).
1.5 Motions which simply restate organisational policy will not be accepted by the Standing Orders Committee.  
1.6 Only motions, proposed and seconded, at a formally convened Branch/Section meeting, seeking to introduce new policy issues, advance present policy, in a specific direction or area, or reverse current policy, will be accepted.  
1.7 Motions may be composited by the Standing Orders Committee when it is felt they are broadly similar in nature
2.1 In accordance with Rule 5, Branches may nominate delegates to attend the Annual Conference and such nominations will only be accepted if nominated, and agreed, at a formally convened Branch meeting.
Branches, with a student nurse/midwife membership, should endeavour to include students as part of their delegation to Conference.
2.2 Each Section may nominate two official delegates, to attend the Conference, and such nominations will only be accepted if nominated, and agreed, at a formally convened Section meeting.
2.3 The delegate nomination forms must be submitted to Oona Sugrue, ADC Co-ordinator, at Head Office, no later than 5.00pm on Wednesday, 7th February 2018.  
2.4 The Clayton Hotel, Silver Springs, Cork and The Imperial Hotel, Cork, have been block-booked for delegates arriving Wednesday 2nd May and departing on Saturday 5th May 2018, following the Gala Dinner on the Friday night, 4th May.
Therefore, each Branch/Section should reserve accommodation, for their specific number of delegates, by completing the enclosed booking form and mailing it DIRECT to: Central Reservations, The Clayton Hotel, Silver Springs, Cork, Co Cork prior to Thursday 29th March 2018.
Please note:  Due to the increased numbers attending conference, single rooms are only available in extenuating circumstances.  In such circumstances, the INMO will not be responsible for single supplements - these must be paid directly to the hotel, by the delegate.  
If delegates do not require accommodation for the three nights it is extremely important that the hotel, and Oona Sugrue, ADC Co-ordinator, are notified, as early as possible, but no later than Tuesday 1st May 2018, otherwise the Organisation will incur the cost of any unused accommodation.  
2.5 The INMO will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by delegates other than the agreed package negotiated with the hotel.
3.1 Branches/Sections are asked to forward their views/comments on priority areas of expenditure, for consideration by the Executive Council before the budget, for 2019, is finalised.
A form is attached, and all Branches/Sections are asked to indicate as follows:
  • their preferred priority areas of expenditure for 2019, i.e. would your branch/section like to see a new area of expenditure, and/or an increase/decrease in an existing area; and
  • any initiatives, your branch/section wishes to have costed, and considered, for inclusion in any future budget.
3.2 All proposals received, by the Executive Council, because of this request, will be considered for inclusion in the proposed budget for 2019 and presented to delegates at Annual Conference 2018.
4.1 Branches are asked to note that 2018 is an election year, to the Executive Council, for a two-year period.  The election will be conducted in accordance with Rule 8 of the INMO Rule Book. 
4.2 Your co-operation in circulating the enclosed nomination forms, and encouraging eligible and active members to go forward, within their appropriate categories, would be very much appreciated. The forms may be photocopied for circulation. 
4.5 You are asked to note that each form, duly signed by the nominee, must be returned, to the General Secretary, by no later than 5.00 pm on Wednesday, 7th February 2018.
Due to the strict time restraints, for printing/issue of documentation, it is imperative that candidates forward a photograph, biographical data and an election manifesto, with the completed nomination form.)
4.6 Ballot papers, for the elections, will be issued early in March.  This will allow a three-week campaign prior to the closing date for return of ballot papers.
4.7 In accordance with Rule 9, the President, 1st and 2nd Vice-Presidents shall be elected by secret ballot, of accredited delegates, at the Annual Delegate Conference.
Thank you for your close attention to this notice.   May I close by wishing you and yours, a happy, and, most importantly, a healthy New Year.
Yours sincerely
General Secretary
* Please Note The Dates For Adc 2018 – The Wednesdy, Thursday & Friday, 2nd, 3rd & 4Th May 2018, Before The May Day Bank Holiday.
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