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Removal from the Register of Nurses and Midwives for Non-payment of the Annual Retention Fee
Members Notice 22.06.15
29th May 2015 – 18.57
Dear Colleagues,
I want to update you in relation to restoring yourself to the register, and enabling yourself to practice.
The steps necessary to restore yourself are contained in my post earlier today.
In addition, following consultation with the NMBI this evening I want to clarify the following:
  1. The NMBI will have phone lines available over the weekend to take calls.
  2. If you have completed the re-registration form, and you have submitted it to the NMBI, and you have submitted payment to the NMBI then YOU ARE ENTITLED TO PRACTICE.
  3. I also want to confirm that following discussions with the NMBI this evening, that pending the change in your status on the online register, the NMBI have confirmed the following:
a. That if you can show your nurse manager the following: 
i. A copy of the email/fax submitting your form to the NMBI – including a copy of the form submitted
ii. Proof of payment
b. Then the NMBI regard you as restored to the register and you may practice.
c. Confirmation of this position will be available on the NMBI website shortly.
I hope this assists any members who are impacted by this issue.
Yours sincerely,
Edward Mathews
Director of Regulation and Social Policy

29 May 2015 

Dear Colleagues,
It has come to our attention that a number of nurses have been removed from the Register of Nurses and Midwives following non-payment of the Annual Retention Fee for 2015.  
In this regard I would ask you to note the Section 77 of the Nurses and Midwives Act of 2011 empowers the Nursing and Midwifery Board to remove nurses and midwives from the register for non-payment of the fee.  In order to do so, the Board must have demanded the payment initially, then issue one reminder, and then wait 28 days before removing a nurse or midwife from the register.  
If you have been removed please note the following:
1. Once removed from the register, it is possible to be restored to the register.
2. You must pay a penalty along with the annual retention fee
3. You must also complete a form. I understand the form will be included in the letter being sent to relevant registrants, and will be available on the NMBI website.  
4. This process must be completed by June 30th, or a new registration process must be undertaken.
It has come to our attention that registrants contacting the Board were told that it would take 7 - 10 days to re-register.  I have contacted the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland today, and I have secured an agreement that applications for re-registration will be processed urgently and it is expected that applications will be attended to within 1-2 days. Importantly, the CEO of the NMBI has agreed that once the form has been completed, and the payments received then you may practice nursing or midwifery.
Importantly, it is not permissible to work as a nurse or midwife when you have been removed from the register, and to do so would amount to a very serious matter, and should not be contemplated by any person.
I know this entire issue causes significant distress to our members, however, it is something which is totally outside our control, and provided for in the Act.  Arising from some queries received this morning, I would ask you to note that we have been urging members to pay the €100 fee for some time, we further placed a notice on our website recently warning members of the consequences of non-payment, and we also ran a significant article in the World of Irish Nursing and Midwifery publication last year warning members of the new regime.  
Please note we have secured agreement to expedite the re-registration process, and if you encounter any problems please do contact your Industrial Relations Officer.  Also if you did not receive your reminder notice, or the original demand for payment, then there may be an issue with the behaviour of the Board, and you are welcome to contact one of our industrial officers to discuss the matter.
Thank you for your attention to the foregoing.
Yours sincerely
Director of Regulation & Social Policy          
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