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Launch of Revised INMO Statement of Concern Form. Jan '15

16th January 2015

To:        All Members

From:    Edward Mathews

Dear Colleagues,

The Executive Council recently launched a revised Statement of Concern form for use by our members.

This form is an essential part of your nursing & midwifery tool kit, it is designed to allow you in a formal and recorded fashion to bring concerns to the attention of management regarding your ability to deliver safe care in the workplace.

The form allows you to bring matters to the attention of management such as; inadequate numbers of registered nurses or midwives, inadequate levels of support staff, an inappropriate skill mix, inadequate equipment, lack of appropriate competence for the setting in question, unfilled vacancies which impinge upon the delivery of safe care, or other matters of concern.

The procedure for submitting this form is that you should bring the concerns to the attention of your manager, if they are not resolved, then you complete the form, and submit it to your manage, and these forms are available from your Industrial Relations Officer in the form of duplicate books which allow you to keep a copy, a copy to be sent to your manager, and a copy to be sent to the Risk Management Department.  

It is essential, and although a paper exercise, is a very necessary one, that you record that you have brought to the attention of your managers, concerns which you have in relation to safety in the workplace.  It is, in accordance with the Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics for Registered Nurses and Midwives, the obligation of a nurse and midwife to bring matters of concern to the attention of management.

Also it is the case that nurses have been accused of poor professional performance or professional misconduct before the NMBI for failing to bring safety concerns to the attention of management.  

Please do use this form, and if you encounter any difficulties, please do contact your local Industrial Relations Officer.  Ultimately our duty is to ensure the safest possible care environment for our patients, our colleagues, and to ensure that in bringing matters of concern to the attention of management, we have a record to support that we fulfilled our professional obligation.

I hope the foregoing is of assistance, a copy of the revised Statement of Concern form is here, and again books of these forms, in duplicate format,- are available from your Industrial Relations Officer.

Yours sincerely,

Director of Regulation & Social Policy


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