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INO Notes HSE Approach To CEO Salary - HSE Acknowledges Contractual Obligations Must Be Met. 14/10/09

PRESS RELEASE,  Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

The Irish Nurses Organisation notes the confirmation, from the HSE, that all contractual obligations, with regard to the salary of the CEO, will be met including the payment of a bonus of €70,000.

The INO will now be insisting that the same HSE fulfils, completely, the contractual obligations it has to all of its staff, with regard to pay (including premium pay and allowances) and other conditions of employment.

When examining this issue it is also necessary to note the following:

1. The measurement of performance by the HSE refers to the increase in activity levels in all areas of the public health service.

This increased performance, which amounts to increased productivity, was delivered by staff in the frontline such as nurses, midwives other health professionals and frontline support staff;

2. In contrast to its confirmed approach to the salary of its CEO this is the same HSE which has, in recent months, repeatedly sought to reduce the premium pay and allowances currently contained within the contracts applicable to nurses, midwives and other frontline staff who work on a 24/7 basis;

3. This is the same HSE who recently tabled a document seeking the compulsory re-deployment of staff, if necessary, up to a distance of 60 kilometres.  This must be contrasted with the apparent refusal, in recent years, of the corporate management staff, in the HSE, relocating from Dublin to Naas (a distance of 32 kilometres).

4. This is the same HSE that is refusing to fill essential vacant frontline posts resulting in the closure, or partial closure, of beds and/or services.

It should be noted that the amount of this bonus, reported to be €70,000, would more than allow for the full employment of two newly qualified staff nurses.

5. This is the same HSE who have recently, and unilaterally, withdrawn the payment of performance related payments, to all other grades of staff including Directors of Nursing.  These senior nurse managers , who work in all of the large acute hospitals,  have increased, on an on going basis, activity levels, number of procedures, and admissions but have now been told they are not entitled to have this recognised, unlike their CEO.

Speaking today, INO General Secretary Liam Doran said:

“This decision of the HSE will only confirm, and consolidate, the on-going campaign to fight any further cuts to the pay and conditions of frontline staff in the health service and indeed throughout the public service.

This is the most recent example of the blatant double standards which are now the norm in Irish society. This practice sees senior management protect their interests while imposing savage and damaging cuts on their staff.

The INO will now be insisting that the HSE adopt the same approach to our members and as it has to its CEO and withdraw the threat of further cuts to existing pay and conditions of employment.

Justice and equity will have to apply in these situations and the HSE has now laid down a marker which they must consistently apply to all their staff or face the consequences.”




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