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INO/PNA Suspend Work Stoppages To Consider NIB Recommendation. 16/05/07
Members To Ballot On Proposals

JOINT PRESS RELEASE Wednesday, 16th May 2007

The Irish Nurses Organisation and the Psychiatric Nurses Association have decided to suspend planned work stoppages, for later today, in order to allow members consider fully, and ballot upon, the recommendations of the National Implementation Body.

The recommendations provide for a reduction of the working week to 37.5 hours with effect from 1st June 2008.  Additionally a Commission, chaired by an eminent person, along with two members of international expertise in the management of health care and specifically nurse management and two others will produce an independent assessment of how the 35 hour week can be achieved.  Management, as part of the recommendation, have acknowledged the legitimacy of the INO/PNA objective to achieve a 35 hour working week.  That commission will report within 6 months. 

The Labour Court will also have a role in recommending how the technical analysis, local engagement and impact on the roles and duties of other professions should be managed to secure the highest standards of efficiency and confidence. 

The NIB have recommended that the expanded role of the nurses and midwives offered by INO/PNA should be put to the public service benchmarking body for evaluation and that the HSE should confirm to the benchmarking body, in agreement with the unions, the scope and potential of such proposed changes.  The NIB have acknowledged that these changes are consistent with the HSE transformation policy and will deliver significant added value to the health service. 

The agreement also provides for the implementation of the relevant sections of Labour Court Recommendation 18763 and requires the unions to put the terms of Towards 2016 Social Partnership programme to its members. 

Liam Doran, INO General Secretary said:

“These proposals mark significant progress in reducing the working week and provide for a clear context within which the expanded role of the nurse/midwife may now be examined and valued by the benchmarking body”.

Mr. Doran concluded:

“Both unions wish to thank the NIB for their extended involvement in this dispute and their recommendations will now be considered by our 45,000 members across the country”.


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