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INO/PNA Say Hse Threat To Cut Nurses/Midwives Pay Will Inevitably Lead To An Escalation In The Dispute. 08/05/07

JOINT PRESS RELEASE,  Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

The Irish Nurses Organisation and Psychiatric Nurses Association have referred, to their legal advisers, the stated intention, of the HSE, to cut 13.16% off the salaries of nurses and midwives because of their participation in a work to rule as part of a national industrial dispute.

The INO/PNA will now await this legal advice and a final decision will be taken, on the appropriate nature and form of our response probably at the Special Delegate Conference which is scheduled for this Thursday, May 10th.

Both unions view this unprecedented attack on nurses and midwives as one designed to eliminate any and all goodwill, an attempt to intimidate trade union members in the course of an official dispute and essentially invites a significant escalation of the current dispute in the health service.

This behaviour, by health service management, where they are threatening to reduce the pay of staff should also be contrasted with the approach of health service management to senior managers who, in November/December 2004, actively participated in a lengthy work to rule. At that time senior staff were not threatened or intimidated but, instead, were granted:

  • Guaranteed jobs for life; and,  
  • A significant pay rise.

This further attack on nurses and midwives is just the latest in a campaign, by the HSE, to smear and denigrate the role of nurses and midwives who are continuing, throughout the work to rule, to provide all direct care required by all patients and clients.

Speaking this evening, INO General Secretary, Liam Doran and Seamus Murphy of the PNA jointly said:

“The two unions will await legal advice arising from this regrettable and regressive proposal, from the HSE, and we will take whatever action is necessary to protect our members throughout this campaign.

Should this threat be acted upon, by the HSE, they should know and accept that it will only further solidify 45,000 nurses and midwives across the country, ensure that the campaign continues until satisfactory progress has been made on the two issues and will inevitably result in a significant and major escalation of the current campaign.”

Both concluded:

“It appears the HSE is determined to make the current situation even worse and we must therefore ask what are the motives behind this proposal and is it the HSE who is actually seeking to provoke an escalation and, if so, where does that leave their supposed concerns for patients and clients?”




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