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5000 Nurses and Midwives hold One-Hour Work Stoppages at 11 Venues. 04/05/2007
Threat to cut pay, arising from work to rule, represents total hypocrisy on behalf of health management

    JOINT PRESS RELEASE. Friday, May 4th, 2007

On a day when over 5,000 nurses and midwives, in venues all over the country, continued to show their complete support of, and solidarity with, the continuing campaign for a 35 hour week and the elimination of a pay anomaly, the veiled threat to cut their pay, arising from the work to rule, was branded as “total hypocrisy” by the INO and PNA.

In the context of the reality that all nurses and midwives continue to provide the full range of direct nursing and midwifery care, required for every patient/client, this suggestion was greeted by the unions’ 45,000 plus members as being hugely antagonistic and insulting.  In particular, both unions would ask the public to contrast this threat with the actions of the government when senior health managers, in late 2004, commenced a nationwide work to rule whereby they withdrew from all work related to the health service reform programme.  It should be noted that, as senior managers, this entire group of people were centrally involved in the health reform process.

The response from the government, at that time, was not to threaten to cut salaries, but instead they did the following:

- Guaranteed all health service managers a job for life, and,
- Granted senior health managers a special pay rise.

Against this background the hypocrisy and application of one rule for management and another completely different rule for frontline staff, cannot be overstated.

Speaking this evening, INO General Secretary, Liam Doran said:

The involvement and commitment of our members, to the campaign, remains absolute and resolute.

The suggestion that the pay of nurses and midwives, who are all still at work, meeting the needs of all patients/clients will inevitably further galvanise all of our members as this campaign continues.

The gross hypocrisy of management, is now plain for all to see as they, yet again, talk down to nurses and midwives and treat them as some kind of second class worker compared to themselves.”



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