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INO/PNA Proposes Major Reforms During NIB Negotiations. 01/05/07
Modernisation, change and reform all on the table

Joint Press Release, 1st May 2007   

The INO/PNA have, in the course of the current negotiations, under the National Implementation Body on pay and working hours, put forward major and radical reforms of how nurses and midwives work that will greatly enhance the services and quality of care available to patients/clients.

The response, to date, of the HSE has been one of minimal interest, apparent lack of understanding and, ultimately, a focus upon a range of minor IR issues which fail to comprehend the huge opportunity and potential for change now being offered.

The HSE has consistently talked reform and transformation but when offered a major expansion in the role of the nurse or midwife their actions have not matched their promises and their words.

The INO/PNA have now detailed, in the document below, some of the practical, patient friendly, benefits that will very quickly accrue from the reforms but none of these have been the subject of discussion in the current negotiations. Implementation of our proposals will mean:

  • reduce the waiting time of patients in A&E;
  • reduce A&E overcrowding overall;
  • improve the response time of the service in meeting patient/client need;
  • reduce admission to hospital;
  • reduce the requirement to transfer patients from continuing care facilities to acute hospitals; and
  • speed up consultant referrals;
  • amongst other easily achieved service improvements.

The Minister for Health and Children has said that she wants the health service, and her own role as Minister, to be at the centre of change.  However when change is being offered, there appears to be no understanding of what is on the table, the benefits that will accrue and the need for this reform package to be implemented, in tandem with addressing the priority issues for nurses and midwives, without delay.

Speaking this morning Liam Doran, INO General Secretary said:

“The reform package, presented by the INO and PNA, is undoubtedly the best opportunity the HSE has ever been given to move swiftly forward on its own transformation agenda.  Our approach to these negotiations has been to present a modernisation and change programme far greater than has been offered by any other group to date.  Regrettably, so far the HSE’s, and the Department’s, response has been very disappointing, very narrow in focus and far removed from the rhetoric of improving the patients/clients experience of the public health service”.

Des Kavanagh, PNA General Secretary, concluded:

“We have approached these negotiations fully consistent with what we promised.  We have offered expansion of role which will greatly improve the health services in return for meaningful progress on the key issues of working hours and pay.  The question must be asked why has our imaginative and forward looking approach, mixing reform and productivity with improved conditions not been responded to in any meaningful way, shape or form.”


 Reforming And Transforming The Health Service





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