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INO Calls For A Reality Check. 11/04/07

    PRESS RELEASE,  Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

The Irish Nurses Organisation in the North West has called for a reality check in respect of the reporting of the current national nursing dispute.

Industrial Relations Officer, Noel Treanor, commented:  “Corporate HSE have consistently put out disinformation about the claims of the INO and the PNA and the effect and purpose of the industrial action.  Some of this has gained common currency despite not being reflective of the reality.”

There is a notion, put about by the HSE, that nurses earn €56,000 per annum.  In fact, having served 20 years, the basic pay for a staff nurse grade is €45,600 per annum.  Up to that point other grades in the health service with significantly less training and responsibility earn up to €3,000 per annum more. It should be noted that the max of scale of all other graduate health professionals is in excess of  €49,000 after only 11 years e.g. chiropodist/play therapist. This contrasts with the free-for-all which has taken place in the HSE, under the watch of the current Minister, where the number of senior non-clinical grades in receipt of €105,000 per annum has expanded ridiculously with no apparent improvement for patient care.  All this and not a word of benchmarking!  All these grades work a 35 hour week or less.”

It has been stated by the INO from early on, that the industrial action is designed to have a minimal impact on patients. Corporate HSE are pulling out all the stops to look for “bad news” stories during the action.  They are highlighting inadequacies that have been existent in the health service for many years, and denied by the HSE, and now seeking to blame same on the nurses.  The collation, recording and communicating of blood results for example is a multi-disciplinary role and the withdrawal of IT duties and use of telephones by nurses should not impact on patient care and treatment.  Indeed, both nurses and patients are commenting on the improved bedside communication which is taking place as a result of the work to rule.  Corporate HSE are silent on such “good news” stories.

This dispute will be resolved when there is a political will to ensure real negotiations take place.  It is disingenuous of Minister Harney to call on all parties to ensure no patients suffer as a result of the action as if she were some independent commentator.  It is incumbent on her to direct the HSE to divert its resources and energies away from seeking bad news to ensure a resolution is sought.

Noel Treanor continued “INO in the North West calls on all the politicians, whatever colour, to put their position in respect of this dispute on public record in order that their INO and PNA constituents, as well as the public at large, are fully aware of their individual stance.”



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