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INO/PNA Campaign of Action to Escalate.09/04/07
First series of short work stoppages to take place on Wednesday, 11th April 2007.

    JOINT PRESS RELEASE. Monday, 9th April 2007

The Irish Nurses Organisation and Psychiatric Nurses Association announced, this morning (Monday, 9th April 2007), that their current campaign of action, which involves a nationwide work to rule, will escalate on Wednesday, 11th April 2007, when the first of a series of short rolling work stoppages will take place.

On Wednesday, 11th April 2007, for a period of one hour between 11.00 a.m. and 12.00 midday, work stoppages, during which all essential/emergency nursing services will be maintained will take place in the following locations:

  • St. Vincent’s Hospital, Elm Park including acute psychiatric services;
  • South Tipperary General Hospital, Clonmel; and
  • South Tipperary Mental Health Services.

During these stoppages both unions will exempt a sufficient number of members, who will be reporting to a senior nurse manager also exempted, to ensure all essential/emergency nursing care is provided and the basis for the staffing levels will be those which exist on night duty.  In addition critical care areas will also be maintained so that all patients availing of such critical services, receive all the care that is required.

The work stoppage will, however, disrupt elective services scheduled to take place during the one hour withdrawal.

Both unions stressed that the escalation will go ahead in the absence of further negotiations with regard to their priority issues including a 35-hour week and the elimination of a pay anomaly.

Speaking this morning INO General Secretary Liam Doran said:

This is the latest phase of our campaign, which received a 98% endorsement, from our members and it is being designed, through its duration, to minimise the disruption to patients.

We will be announcing, on Wednesday, a second series of short stoppages, which will take place on Friday,13th April 2007”.

Seamus Murphy, on behalf of the PNA, said:

Our preference is to be negotiating how to make progress on these issues.  However the resolve of our members remains absolute and the threats and innuendo, coming from the management side, are only serving to undermine the long term relationship which will exist between our members and senior managers, in the health service.

It should be recalled that all of these senior managers, only two years ago, also took industrial action, in the form of a nationwide work to rule, in pursuance of their interests”.


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