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INO/PNA Members To Begin Nationwide Work To Rule Following Failure Of Talks Under The National Implementation Body. 01/04/07

JOINT PRESS RELEASE, Sunday, 1st April 2007

Members of the Irish Nurses Organisation and Psychiatric Nurses Association will begin a nationwide work to rule, at 8.00 a.m. tomorrow (Monday, 2nd April 2007), following the failure of three weeks of discussions, under the aegis of the National Implementation Body (NIB) to reach agreement on:

- the introduction of a 35-hour week for nursing/midwifery staff; and
- the elimination of a pay anomaly.

Throughout the work to rule INO and PNA members will continue to go to work as normal and provide the full range of nursing/midwifery care to patients and clients.

However they will refrain from the following duties:

  1. Ban on all clerical/administrative/IT duties, nursing/midwifery notes to be maintained manually;
  2. Ban on all meetings, at local, regional and national level, except those involving consideration of named individual patients/clients, their welfare and case management;
  3. Ban on all telephone work except those deemed essential, on clinical grounds, by the nurse/midwife; and
  4. Ban on opening/securing all community based buildings/facilities.

The joint Executives of the INO/PNA, following a meeting this afternoon (Sunday, 1st April 2007), wish to record their extreme disappointment and frustration at the failure of Health Service Employers to agree, despite previous statements that openness and creativity would be applied, a date for the introduction of a 35-hour week for nurse and midwives and the elimination of a pay anomaly which sees a qualified nurse paid less than an unqualified social care worker for 21 years.

The commencement of industrial action comes, as a last resort, after six years of negotiations and discussions on these critical issues for nurses and midwives across the country.  It also comes 27 years after the Labour Court first said that nurses should benefit from a reduced working week.

The industrial action also commences 60 days after health employers were given formal notification.  This has provided them with ample time and opportunity to put in place contingency plans to deal with the issues that arise when nurses/midwives cease to perform these non-direct patient/client care duties.

Speaking this evening Liam Doran, General Secretary of the INO, and Des Kavanagh of the PNA, made the following joint comment:

“This is a most disappointing outcome to three weeks of discussions which we entered into in good faith.  These claims are wholly legitimate and only seek to give our members terms and conditions already enjoyed by all other health professions, management and administrative grades.

Throughout the work to rule, our members will maintain all nursing/midwifery care to patients/clients and management have had plenty of time to bring forward alternative arrangements to deal with the  non-essential work which will not be done by our members.

Notwithstanding this negative and disappointing outcome the INO/PNA remain available for discussions which will result in progress on these issues which have been outstanding for many years.”


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