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Chaotic Conditions in Beaumont A&E Department. 16/02/07

Press Release, Friday, February 16th, 2007

The A&E department of Beaumont hospital currently has 35 patients on trolleys and chairs awaiting admission, with emergency ambulances being delayed. The department is severely overcrowded.  Patients and staff are in a very volatile environment with emotions running high.  The department is not designed to operate at this level of activity and staff are experiencing unbearable pressure.
This situation has persisted for the last two days and similar incidences have occurred since the beginning of the year.
The problem is a direct result of the failure of the HSE to allocate sufficient long- term care beds to the hospital.
Speaking earlier today, Edward Mathews, INO Industrial Relations Officer, said:
“There are currently over 120 delayed discharge patients in the hospital, the highest numbers in recent memory. This is happening despite constant warnings of the need to provide a regular stream of long- term care beds to prevent this chaos.
Staff and patients have long listened to promises of additional long -term beds coming on stream, but the piecemeal approach of the HSE is having no effect in Beaumont hospital and is of no comfort to patients and staff in this overcrowded and dangerous environment.
After years of broken promises staff are calling on the HSE to make good on the repeated promises to provide additional long- term beds, and to actually recognise the huge problem which exists within the hospital”
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