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Q. Returning from Parental Leave and change in working hours

Employees returning from parental leave now have the right to ask for a change in their working hours and/or patterns for a limited period. Employers must consider such a request but are not required to grant it.

You must give your employer a written request at least six weeks before the proposed commencement date of the changes to your working hours/patterns. The request should set out the commencement date, the nature of the changes requested and duration of the period.

At least four weeks before the proposed commencement date your employer must inform you in writing as to whether your request has been refused or granted.

Where your employer grants such a request an agreement must be prepared and signed by both parties setting out the changes to your working hours/patterns, the commencement date and the duration of the period.

You have the right to cancel a request for a change in working hours/patterns by notice in writing to your employer in circumstances where the agreement has not yet been signed by you and your employer.

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