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Q. What are the Legal Minimum Holiday Entitlements?


All employees, regardless of status or service, qualify for paid holidays. In the case of agency workers, the party who pays the wages is the employer and is responsible for providing the holidays/public holiday entitlement.

Depending on time worked, holiday entitlements should be calculated by using one of the following methods:



1 If you work at least 1,365 hours in a leave year you are entitled to:
  • 4 working weeks (unless it is a leave year in which you change employment)
2 If you work less than 1,365 hours in a year you are entitled to the more favourable of:
  • one third of a working week for each calendar month in which you work at least 117 hours; or
  • 8% of the hours you work in a leave year (subject to a maximum of four working weeks)




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