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INMO Trolley/Ward Watch Figures Confirm 57,674 People on Trolleys in First Seven Months of 2017
Press Release - 09.08.17
INMO Trolley/Ward Watch figures confirm 57,674 people on trolleys in the first seven months of 2017
- Overcrowding at record levels compared to previous years;
- July 2017 figure 6% down on July 2016 figure.
The latest Trolley/Ward Watch figures, from the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO), confirm a record number of patients (57,674), admitted for care, on trolleys in the first seven months of 2017. 
However the figures also confirm that, in the month of July, there was a 6% reduction when compared to July 2016.
The year to date figures continue to be a source of great concern as, despite many initiatives, the number of patients, admitted and requiring inpatient care, left on trolleys, in Emergency Departments or on trolleys on wards, continues to increase. The reduction in July 2017, when compared to July 2016, is most welcome particularly as the main area of reduction has been outside of Dublin and this must be continued as we enter the autumn period.
University Hospital Limerick - 4,782
Cork University Hospital - 3,949
University Hospital Galway  - 3,688
Mater Hospital Dublin - 3,319
South Tipperary General Hospital - 3,100
These figures, when taken with the recent record figures for numbers of people waiting for an outpatient appointment/procedure, once again confirms the lack of capacity, leading to lack of access, within our public health system.
The INMO believes it is imperative that the Government, the Department and the HSE immediately agree the necessary additional funding, with incentives to recruit staff, so that we can expand our health service to meet both scheduled and unscheduled care demands.  
Speaking on the latest INMO Trolley/Ward Watch figures, General Secretary Liam Doran said:
“The record levels of patients on trolleys, in the first seven months, is most alarming as we prepare for the autumn/winter period.
These figures are further confirmation that our health service continues to be too small and, regardless of the initiatives that have been taken, demand continues to outstrip the capacity of the health service to provide timely, appropriate and dignified care.
The situation must be the subject of immediate action, by Government, the Department of Health and the HSE, leading to additional funding, which must provide for incentivised staff recruitment, so that additional beds can be opened and properly staffed to meet ever growing demand”.
Mr. Doran concluded:
“If our health service is to respond, appropriately, to both the emergency and planned admissions, additional bed capacity, and community nursing services, must be introduced.  
This will only be done when we solve the recruitment/retention crisis facing nursing and midwifery in Ireland.  If we do not have additional nurses and midwives then we cannot expand our capacity and overcrowding levels will continue to grow”.
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