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Graduate Staff Nurse/Midwife Programme - Update 23.12.13

To:        2013 Graduate Nurse/Midwife Members

Dear Colleague

I refer to the above programme which forms part of the overall Haddington Road Agreement applicable to nurses/midwives and all public servants.

I now attach, for your information and attention, the latest circular, issued last Friday, 20th December 2013, by the HSE in relation to the programme.

As you can see this latest circular clarifies a number of issues which you need to note in relation to the programme including:

  • it is only open to 2013 graduates;
  • the posts must be funded from agency/overtime expenditure and, therefore, the programme cannot be offered in locations that do not have an agency / overtime costs;
  • the employer must offer planned rotation, as part of the programme e.g. medical/surgical/specialist wards/areas;
  • transport costs, incurred arising from requirements under the programme e.g. travel to Dublin for lectures can be claimed;
  • there are no fees/penalties arising in the event of an individual leaving the programme before the end of the two years.

Obviously the critical issue of salary, for the programme, remains outstanding and the INMO will continue to seek improvements, in relation to same, going forward.

I would now ask that any member applying for this programme, in the context of these clarifications, would liaise with the INMO, if necessary, to ensure that all terms and conditions are being complied with and offered correctly.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely

General Secretary

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