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Philippines Relief Project - July 2014

Update issued by INMO General Secretary Liam Doran - 31st July 2014

Members will recall that, immediately following the terrible typhoon in the Philippines the Organisation commenced a fundraising campaign.  Arising from the monies raised, from members, we recently sent seven INMO Filipino members back to the Philippines to undertake relief work in the disaster area.  Our colleagues have now returned safely to Ireland, and are busy back working in hospitals across the country, and are preparing an article on their experience for publication in a coming edition of our journal World of Irish Nursing and Midwifery.

On their return they also gave us a number of pictures which, more than words, illustrates the challenges, facing the people of the Philippines, but also the strength of human resolve, particularly with regard to looking after children, as they rebuild their lives.  These pictures can be accessed here.

On behalf of the INMO we once again send our very best wishes to the the Filipino nurses, the Philippine Red Cross, and all of the Filipino people as they continue to strive to effectively start again.  I also want to thank our seven colleague members who went over, for the four weeks, to assist, in the best way possible, by providing care in the frontline.  I salute the courage of all these people as they face these great and grave challenges.


Latest Photographs from our Volunteers - Click on Photo below for all photos


See email updates below

28th June 

Hi Liam, Claire and colleagues in INMO,

Just to give you an update of what is happening here in Palawan. 
We had finished our exposures in the area. All of the teams that have been deployed were now here
in the Subchapter Center in Coron. The rest of our volunteers left already Coron except myself. I booked myself to leave Coron on the 2nd of July to join my family. I will be back in Dublin by the 13th of July.
Some of the photos are with Marilyn Go and she will collate all the pictures once all of us are back in Dublin ( which include volunteers in Tacloban/ Samar Area). 
I stayed here for a while to wait for the Palawan Chapter Coordinator Ms. Catherine Laracas.
There is an schedule reporting on the 1st of July for every team. I would like to take this opportunity to give our feedback as well. There are loads of things that we would like to discuss once we all come back from our deployment. We do hope to arrange one afternoon either the last week of July or first week of August for the full reployment on our deployment here in the Philippines. Looking forward to see you all in couple of weeks from now. 
Kind regards,

See email updates below:

16th June 2014

Hi Liam and colleagues in INMO,

Just to give you an updates where we are right now here in the deployment site. We are still here in Coron, Palawan where the Chapter office of Philippine Red Cross (PRC) is situated. 

Today, we will be deployed in different areas mainly: Busuanga, Culion and Coron. There are 3 groups in total which has 4 to 5 members each group. Judith and Zeny will be deployed to Coron, Marlyn and Nani will be deployed in Busuanga and myself will be deployed in Culion.

We are trying to keep you updated as we go along but the access to internet is the problem here. I am here in the internet cafe at the city centre trying to give you an updated unofficial report of what is going on since we came. I sent email to Michaela the other day but there is no response yet. Hopefully this will go through as we do not have access to check emails from time to time especially now that will be deployed in remote areas of the deployment site. It is hard to describe what we would like you guys to know but we will give you the full details of our exposure here once all of us has sorted all our things here in the area and reached Dublin by 3rd week of July. We will for sure arrange a meeting for us to present our official report and powerpoint presentation pertaining our exposure here.

We would like to apologize if there is any delay of updates as we have difficulty in getting access faster internet connection.

If you are going to ask our safety here, we are ok and we are well minded by the very supportive staff of PRC. Though today will be the start of a very challenging days ahead of us as there are areas that we will be visiting with no access to electricity, proper toilets and even water supply. We were told to bring our own supplies of food and water on the days that we will be visiting each municipalities.

We will just send you all the pictures once we all sorted our things here in the deployment area. We were properly informed about reports and pictures that we have to present to INMO to be included in INMO magazine once we reached Dublin. In as much as we would like to send it now, we cannot as it will take ages for one picture to be attached to the email and depends on the size of the pictures that we will be sending.

I think that's all for now and we are looking forward to give you an update again after our exposure in the area. In case you need to contact us the best way is to contact Cres and may be we could kindly ask him to contact PRC's main office in Manila as they all have the access to the staff here in the ground using satellite phones.

Thank you so much for this opportunity in extending help to the people in the Philippines (Coron, Palawan).


In behalf of Judith, Zeny, Marlyn and Nani

(together with Gina in Tacloban and Jenasky that 

will be arriving in Manila tomorrow)

Kind regards,



13th June 2014

Hi Liam and colleagues in INMO,

We are now here in Coron it's the top of the islands in mainland Palawan. We were directed to assist in the community health services to more than 40 municipalities covering the area of the Red Cross based here in Busuanga, Coron. There has been delay in the deployment of nurses as they just started on the rehabilitation phase after the devastation made by typhoon Haiyan last year. There are scarcity of resources especially doctors and nurses who will provide basic health services. We were overwhelmed with the information laid to us by the staff based here in Coron with the challenges they are experiencing.
The deployment to the assigned areas will be done this Monday. Which means the group of 5 people will be reaching assigned municipalities in the next 2 - 3 weeks mostly by foot and by boat. There are problems with communication here as there are "blind spots" that cannot be accessed by phone. Limited electricity to some baranggays (small community) are also a big problem.
We took some pictures in the area and planned to send more later on.
Thank you so much and we will keep you posted.

Kind regards from Palawan, Philippines,

Judith, Marilyn, Nani, Zeny and Edsel
(Gina in Tacloban)

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