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Members Update
Members Update: 22nd November 2021
Curtailment of Services, Booster Vaccine Programme, Special Leave with Pay schem...
Members Update: 6th November 2022
Vaccine Booster Rollout, Expert Review Group Update
Members Update: 29th October 2021
Vaccine Boosters,Student Nurses and Midwives Demo, Nurse and Midwife Manager Pay...
Members Update: 15th October 2021
Budget 2022, Connolly Hospital Protest, Student Nurses & Midwives, Menopause Sur...
Members Update: 1st October 2021
COVID compensation, October 1st pay increases, Staffing and overcrowding, Menopa...
Members Update: 10th September 2021
COVID compensation HCWs, Pre-Budget Submission, October pay changes
Members Update: 6th August 2021
COVID compensation and long COVID care
Members Update: 26th July 2021
Recognition for our work, podcast, overtime rates
Members Update: 9th July 2021
Compensation Claim, Podcast, COVID-19 evidence update no. 2
Members Update: 2nd July 2021
Overtime rate improvements, Working week reduction, ED Pressure, Vaccine
Members Update: 18th June 2021
ED Overcrowding, Parental Leave, Vaccination Webinar,
Members Update: 4th June 2021
HSE hack, Vaccinations, Building Momentum and WIN
Members Update: 16th April 2021
AstraZeneca, Mandatory vaccination, Building Momentum, ADC
Members Update: 19th March 2021
Vaccinations, Claim for compensatory leave
Members Update : 11th February 2021
Vaccinations, voting and the Oireachtas
Members Update : 28th January 2021
PPE/Vaccination, Testing, Redeployment, Covid leave
Members Update : 22nd January 2021
Vaccination priority, Facemasks and safety, Confidential support
Members Update : 20th January 2021
Vaccinations, Childcare, PPE & Facemasks, Compensation
Members Update - 15th January 2021
Update on Vaccinations, PPE, Safety at Work, and Safe Practice
Members Update - 9th January 2021
Vaccine Rollout, Safety at Work, Long-term Covid, Safety Policy Changes, Childca...
Members Update - 18th December 2020
PSA, Expert Review Group, Student Nurses, NMBI Reg, Staffing Plans 2021
Members Update - 11th December 2020
PSA, Pay Restoration in Section 39s, Student Pay
Members Update - 20th November 2020
Premium Pay, Childcare, Expert Review Body, Student Pay, HCW Infection Rates
Members Update - 6th November 2021
DON/ADON Webinar, INMO Prof Courses, Covid 19 Update
Members Update - 16th October 2020
Annual Conference, Budget 2021 and Winter Plan
Members Update - 26th September 2020
Childcare leave, winter plan and the NMBI results
Members Update - 18th September 2020
Infection rates, the budget, and new IRE roles
Members Update - 11th September 2020
Elections, ADC, and pay and conditions
Members Update - 24thJuly 2020
Covid-19 Psychological Impact Survey, HCW Infections, Nursing home liquidations,...
Members Update - 24thJuly 2020
Claim on Premium Pay, member survey, ADC, and the new Minister for Health
Members Update - 26th June 2020
Expert Review Group Meeting
Members Update - 21st June 2020
Childcare, Infection Rates amongst Healthcare Workers
Members Update - 6th June 2020
Childcare Update, Infection Rates, Strike Implementation, WRC
Members Update - 22nd May 2020
Preventing a return to overcrowding, ealth and safety under COVID-19
Members Update - 15th May 2020
Expert Group – managers’ pay, Shaping the next government’s policies
Members Update: 6th May 2020
Implementation of outstanding pay awards, Childcare, Pronouncement of death
Members Update: 29th April 2020
Facemask update, Childcare, Redeployment
Members Update - 22nd April 2020
HSE to change facemask guidance
Members Update - 14th April 2020
Pregnant and immuno-compromised workers, Childcare
Members Update: 12th April 2020
Redeployment, PPE, Childcare, Pronouncement of death
Members Update - 5th April 2020
Priorty Testing, PPE, Childcare

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