INMO statement on establishment of National Crisis Management Team

Commenting on the establishment of the HSE Crisis Management Team INMO General Secretary Phil Ní Sheaghdha said: 
“We are disappointed that the HSE has once again waited until the crisis, which was predicted in July, was in full flow to establish a crisis management team. We firmly believe that this group should be meeting daily, not three times a week. 
“The INMO has sought confirmation that managers will be available to frontline staff at all times over the Christmas and new year period to deal with the non-clinical issues that are associated with a crisis of this nature.
“Nurses, midwives and other essential healthcare workers should be supported in every possible way over what is going to be an incredibly difficult few weeks.
“The HSE must be prepared to provide them with whatever essential resources they need including additional staff until the end of February at the very least.”

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