Care must be valued and recognised in St. Joseph’s Charleville

INMO members in St. Joseph’s Foundation, Charleville are engaging in strike action today. 

This is part of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions’ Valuing Care, Valuing Community campaign. 

INMO Assistant Director of Industrial Relations, Colm Porter said:

“The decision for any nurse to withdraw their labour is not one that our members here in St. Joseph’s Foundation take lightly. 

“Our members working in the community and voluntary sector have not had a pay increase in over a decade.

“INMO members in St. Joseph's Foundation are facing into a winter of rising household costs while their pay remains at the same stagnant levels. This is unacceptable.

“Nurses in St. Joseph's Foundation provide care to some of the most vulnerable members of the wider Charleville community. The care they provide should be valued.

“The employer and the Department of Health must realise and recognise the very real pressure these invaluable workers are under this winter and recognise their contribution to this vital community service.”


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