Update 16.9.22


Dear Member,

As outlined previously, your Executive Council considered the pay proposals for public sector employees. To this end they have decided to recommend that members accept the proposal that was brokered between public sector unions and representatives from the Department of Public Expenditure. 

An in-person ballot has commenced this week alongside an information campaign. The ballot will close on October 4th, 2022. You can read a full information booklet on the proposal here. 

Ballot dates, venues times

In addition to what was already agreed under the current provisions of Building Momentum, the following increases would be provided for under the proposed package:

-2nd February 2022: 3% increase on annualised salary to be back paid
-1st March 2023: 2% increase on annualised salary.
-1st October 2023: 1.5% increase or €750, whichever is the greater

You can read what these increases mean for your grades in our information Q&A 

As previously advised to you, the INMO held firm that nurse managers should be paid what they are owed since February 2022, and it was agreed that the circular to increase nurse managers’ pay by 3.28% will issue immediately. This pay increase for nurse managers will be back paid to 1st February 2022. This is in addition to the above increases.

It is expected that there will be further cost-of-living supports as part of Budget 2023. 

Information is available grade by grade setting out what these increases will mean for you.

A full information Q&A is available here. Please take the time to read fully. 

NMBI Elections
We would like to remind you that the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland are holding elections to fill the Care of the Older Person, RNID and PHN seats for the next five years.
You may have already received, directly from NMBI, to your address on record with NMBI, details of the election, how to vote and, most importantly, your personal electoral PIN number which must be used when you cast your votes, online, between 13th September and 21st September 2022.
INMO Endorsed Candidates
On behalf of the Executive Council, all members are being asked to support the INMO endorsed candidates, in the election, who are as follows:
          - MARY LEAHY - PHN SEAT.

You can read further details, about our three excellent candidates, and, in addition, you can read more on our website www.inmo.ie.

Kind regards

Phil Ni Sheaghdha
INMO General Secretry



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