Ukraine conflict - INMO condemns capture of hospital

The INMO has stated today (Wednesday) that its members are deeply disturbed by reports of hundreds of Ukrainian staff and patients being held hostage at a hospital in Mariupol, and it joins with the international healthcare community in condemning this attack. 

The union has previously condemned the ongoing attacks on medical personnel and healthcare facilities in Ukraine by Russian forces, stating that their nurse and midwife members “stand in full solidarity with the nurses, midwives and other medical professionals who are working despite the war raging in Ukraine.”

Regarding news today that hundreds of staff and patients were being held hostage inside a Ukrainian hospital, INMO General Secretary Phil Ni Sheaghdha said:

“This is a reprehensible act that is in clear violation of international humanitarian law regarding healthcare professionals.

“Nurses and healthcare workers around the world have proven in recent times their strength and courage in the most dangerous circumstances, and their commitment to providing safe care even when their own safety is at risk.

“To see these health staff and their patients being targeted in this way will deeply affect the healthcare community around the world.” 

INMO President Karen McGowan said: 

“The INMO has joined with the international nursing and midwifery community and Global Nurses United to condemn this attack and all other attacks on civilian areas and healthcare facilities in this conflict. 

“We are once again calling on all parties involved in the conflict to protect the safety of the brave nurses and midwives providing vital care to those who are sick, injured and vulnerable”. 





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