Dangerous Trolley Situation at CUH - INMO


According to figures released today by the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation, 84 patients are on trolleys in Cork University Hospital. The highest number of patients recorded on trolleys in CUH since the union began Trolleywatch in 2006. 
INMO Industrial Relations Officer, Liam Conway said: 
“Today’s figures in CUH are of no surprise to those working in the hospital. The discharge rates simply are not keeping up with the admission rates and that is one of the reasons why we are seeing such high numbers on trolleys in CUH.
“This is a very dangerous situation in CUH, and staff can’t wait any longer for the South/Southwest group to intervene. It is not acceptable to us that the hospital group continues to blame the problems in CUH on the national picture. The INMO has been calling for the HSE and the hospital group to create a bespoke plan for CUH.  
“Year in and year out, we see the same problems in CUH at wintertime. Staff feel abandoned because they feel that neither the hospital group nor the HSE are listening to their concerns.  
“We need to see all non-emergency activity in the hospital curtailed and all private capacity in the region utilised where possible.  
“Unless the South/Southwest Hospital Group takes urgent action, we are going to see many more record-breaking days like this in Cork University Hospital.”

Trolley watch figures 15.2.22




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