Members Update - 11th September 2020

Dear Member, 

Some important updates for you as INMO member: six key updates on our internal democracy, pay and conditions, and safety in a pandemic.

1. NMBI elections

The board of the nursing and midwifery regulator, the NMBI, has seats which are elected by registered nurses and midwives across Ireland. The INMO is proudly backing three candidates and I’d strongly encourage you to vote for them when voting opens on Tuesday 15th:

Voting is online and runs from Tuesday September 15th and closes on Wednesday September 23rd at noon. Click here for more info on what the candidates are standing for and how the process works.

2. INMO’s annual delegate conference and new executive

Due to public health restrictions, our annual delegate conference will be a special, online one-day event this year, on October 9th. Importantly, the election of a new president and two vice presidents, will take place at conference.  Delegates have been selected at branch meetings and at section meetings. It is really important that they attend and take part. Delegates will be contacted in the coming week with information on the necessary format changes to this year’s ADC.

The counting of members’ votes for your incoming Executive Council has completed (independently observed by O’Connor Solicitors) and the results will be formally ratified at the ADC.

3. Surveys: COVID’s psychological impact and BAME workers

We are running an online survey to better understand the psychological impact that COVID has. This will help the INMO advocate for the best supports needed for members. Thousands of members have kindly participated already – it only takes around 10 minutes to complete and each answer helps us advocate for our professions. The survey is here:

Nursing and midwifery are proudly diverse professions. We are also running a survey for black, Asian, and minority ethnic members, to provide better support and representation. That survey is here:

4. Public sector pay and the expert group

The INMO is involved as a member of the public service committee of ICTU in the public sector pay talks. We attended a meeting last Tuesday 8th September with the officials in Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.   The meeting was exploratory in nature and we will meet again over the coming weeks to further cope out the prospects of the basis for a successor agreement to the agreement which expires on 31st December 2020.

The government have once again confirmed that all public sector pay will increase by 2% on the 1st October, as per the Public Service Stability Agreement. This is particularly important in nursing and midwifery, as the increases also apply to premium pay and overtime rates, along with increases to fixed allowances. More information will follow once the HSE issue final payscales.

Parallel to this, we will also be making a submission to the expert review group – with a view to improving pay of the managerial nursing and midwifery grades, following the strike settlement last year. The INMO will be making a submission to this group, due by 25th September.

5. INMO in the media

You can see a summary of INMO print media coverage from the past week here.

6. RNID webinar

We are hosting a free webinar for members, looking at issues in the ID sector, including COVID, children, and the future of the area on Tuesday 15th of September. You can register online here:

I will keep you informed of any further progress.

Is mise,

Phil Ní Sheaghdha
General Secretary



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