Members Information - COVID-19


Members, the INMO are engaging on an on-going basis with the HSE in respect of provisions for frontline staff in relation to testing and care for suspected and confirmed COVID 19. Below is a link to the factsheet of the main issues raised and agreed to date. We will update this factsheet on a daily basis at 4pm , so please refer to it daily.

Please contact the Industrial relations officer with responsibility for your workplace If you have concerns relating to matters referred to in this factsheet. We will raise your concerns with the HSE if the issue is not already agreed.  We also attach links to - HSE guidelines for precautions and containment measures for this virus, the World Health Organisation guidelines,  resources from the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, International Council of Nursing resources, (INMO is the only organisation in Ireland affiliated to the ICN),  and the Department of Foreign Affairs guidelines for your information.

The protection of nurses and midwives is our key focus. We encourage all members to familiarise themselves with the guidance provided by the Infection Prevention and Control Department in your workplace as well as the national advice and guidance we have provided links below.


Below links to relevant websites:



WHO Guidelines

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

Department of Foreign Affairs  




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