85 on trolleys in Limerick
85 patients are without beds in University Hospital Limerick this morning – the highest figure ever recorded in an Irish hospital in a single day.
The previous record was 82, set in October 2019, also in Limerick. 
Patients without beds are typically on chairs and trolleys, often in corridors. In Limerick today, there are 55 patients in the emergency department and 30 in wards elsewhere in the hospital.
The INMO has called for a direct, immediate intervention in the hospital from senior HSE management, including:
There are 631 patients without beds across the country today - 22 of them children. A full breakdown is available here. The other worst-hit hospitals include:
INMO Assistant Director of Industrial Relations for the region, Mary Fogarty said:
“Despite the best efforts of local staff, the situation in Limerick continues to escalate. The hospital is breaking records in the worst possible way. 
“Promises of future improvement will not suffice. Real action is needed today.
“We simply do not have sufficient capacity. Without an increase in beds and the professionals to staff them, this problem will continue to escalate.
“Our members are on the frontline providing the best care they can – but the situation is intolerable for them and unsafe for patients.”

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