Recruitment & Retention - Briefing Document

Dear Member, 

I am glad to present a summary of the proposals following our long negotiations at the Labour Court, here:

You can read the proposals and examples for yourself. As many found during our meeting with the strike committee reps today, the deal is substantially better than has been reported in the press or on social media.

I would encourage all members to read this document and inform themselves with the actual facts - not the rumours.

Part of the deal involves negotiating a new contract, which will take three weeks. So that you can make a fully informed choice, your Executive Council has set balloting dates for immediately after we complete negotiations on then new contract.  You will thus be asked to vote on these proposals between the 11th and 25th of March.

Having received a detailed presentation, your Executive Council has also decided to recommend that you vote to ACCEPT the proposals, subject to the successful negotiations of the new contract.

As I said, this deal is substantially better than what has been reported - and makes very real strides for safe staffing, pay parity, and achieving respect for our professions.

This deal is complex, detailed, and comes in multiple phases. We will soon be issuing further details and answers to frequent questions. We will also be organising regional and workplace meetings soon to present the deal fully to you and to answer your questions.


Is mise le meas,


Phil Ní Sheaghdha
General Secretary

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