Recruitment & Retention - Phase 2 - Update 1

Dear Colleague,
The Executive Council today, Tuesday, 8th January 2019, based on the 95% mandate given by INMO members, have decided to serve the required three weeks notice of intention to strike, on Wednesday, 30th January 2019.  Please click here to read press release.
The strike will be notified as affecting all services for a 24-hour period and, if the dispute remains unresolved, will be escalated in week two, to two 24 hour strikes, and further escalation to three 24 hour strikes if unresolved at that point.
The INMO will now meet with the HSE to discuss, and agree, contingency life preserving and emergency response services during the strikes.
Further details arising from this meeting will be notified in a later update.
The Organisation has also, today, written to the Chair of the Public Service Agreement Oversight Body requesting a reconvening of a meeting which was cancelled in December by the Chairperson.  There are two issues to be considered by the Oversight Body:
1. the breach of the agreement by the HSE when they refused to attend the Labour Court regarding their failure to honour the Staffing, Recruitment and Retention Agreement; and
2. the application of Clause 3, of the Agreement, in a manner which addresses the inequality at the heart of the recruitment and retention crisis facing nursing and midwifery.
Members must now unite in the single cause of tackling the pay and conditions inequality faced by nurses and midwives.  Please identify with, and support, your local Strike Committee who, when formed, will lead the strike in your work area.
Unity is strength.  Nurses and midwives working together for better conditions and safe care.
Is Mise
General Secretary

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