Members Update 27 - 23.11.18


Dear Member,

The first week of balloting is coming to a close with a strong turnout at ballots across the country.

Deciding to go on strike is a decisive moment for our professions, so we need to ensure that as many members as possible have their say.

We are adding new balloting and information meetings to our list every single day – you can find out when your nearest meeting is here. You can also find out how we got to this point, how the ballot works, and what’s at stake in our Q&A for members.

We have consistently told the government that we are available for talks. Disappointingly, the Minister for Finance has decided to take to the airwaves to dismiss our claims, rather than discuss the issues with us directly.

We responded to his claims, focusing on the reality of understaffing and trying to provide a constructive way forward. Time will tell if the government are prepared to listen to frontline voices and talk with us directly.

Again, I would stress that we are strongest when we stand together. Please encourage your colleagues to read the Q&A, turn up to INMO meetings, and vote as soon as they can. 

I will keep you updated on any progress in the meantime.

Is mise,

General Secretary              


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